Welcome all,

This blog is meant to promote the education and general knowledge of Neuroscience. In hopes of creating an informative and veracious blog, all posts will contain references from peer reviewed journals, websites, or etc.

I hope that this blog facilitates an open discussion of all topics at hand. With that said, please refrain from “putting down” someone’s ideas or thoughts. I mean for this blog to maintain a certain integrity and credibility. Another suggestion is that if you are not the original creator of the idea/ thought you are commenting upon then please use appropriate references/ links.

My goal is to update this blog approximately once a week. My updates will include interviews, article reviews and other content that I deem suitable for the content of this blog.


The first post will be up later this week and will discuss Alzheimer’s Disease: thoughts on cause(s), diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. this looks awesome Ben! Can’t wait to see where this blog goes and what types of conversations it fosters. you da bomb


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