Papers for Alzheimer’s Disease

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share with all of you the papers that I will be reviewing in order to coordinate my next update and post. I will do this every week, early in the week; so as to give everyone some time to look at where I am getting my info from and also read up on the subject matter ahead of time.

Below is a list of references with hyperlinks to the websites as to where you can find the information that I will be discussing.


o      What is Alzheimer’s Disease

It turns out that the above article is a bit outdated (bit still quite informative and worth a good read). So I have a new link (click here “Masliah”) that is to a shorter article and really outlines some of the main points of the molecular pathology of AD.

o   Neuro-fibrillary tangles and plaques.

o Is this the cause or the “gravestone” of the disease?

o   Apoe-4

o   No cut and dry biomarker diagnostic test.

I will post more papers when I publish my full review of the literature. For now, enjoy.


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