Papers for Cerebral Palsy

Hello chaps and chapesses,

I am starting my preliminary research on the next topic, Cerebral Palsy. This topic seems to be extremely interesting and seeing as I am not as familiar with this disease as others it will be a great opportunity to learn something new.

As always I have listed below the some of the sources that I will be using to compile my review. I hope that these links are helpful.

I know that for some of you who may not have a university or institutional proxy it may be of some difficult for you to view them. If a majority of you are unable to view the articles please make me aware and I will try to find another way to present the articles for your own review. With this said I have tried to pick articles via pubmed who seems to have only free articles.

Seeing as I have a limited working knowledge of this topic please allow a little bit more time for me to finish my review. I want this to be comprehensive and I want to do the topic “justice”.

Here are the sources.

What is Cerebral Palsy?

What about pathology? (this article deals with placental pathology)

The Genetics behind Cerebral Palsy (2 articles)

Enjoy reading. Leave suggestions in the form of comments below


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